Tipsters Help Those New To IJSBA

Tipsters Help Those New To IJSBA
Ken Gallagher / 04 Oct 2016 / 1 Comment » Comments

IJSBA World Finals began Saturday with, “A Day with the Pros.”

Young competitors got a chance to run the course and get some tips from some of the top participants in the sport.

And they scored some great swag from donating sponsors.

Group shot after the raffle. Lots of happy kids for sure!! Ken Gallagher/RiverScene

A DAY WITH THE PROS, to begin the IJSBA World Finals week. It’s all about the kids!!

Anna Glennon, of Social Media & Sponsorships, said “Kids will get the chance to learn about the importance of presenting a good attitude and positive social media that can attract potential

Glennon is a social media expert in the industry.

Robert Sands, of Race Prep/Tech Inspection Prep, said, “Race prep is for parents and the kids. The importance of those last-minute checks before the starting band snaps is crucial. Get some tips from some mechanics and racers who have been there.”

Jason Stoyer, of Podium Interview Practice, said, “You all are potential champions, and it’s important that you can communicate like one.”

First launch of the day, finds one of the Disney brothers, pullin' a huge wheelie outta the gate. Ken Gallagher/RiverScene

First launch of the day, finds one of the Disney brothers, pullin’ a huge wheelie outta the gate. Ken Gallagher/RiverScene

The youngsters got an opportunity to practice a podium interview and got tips from a pro racer who has been there.

Nedra Atwood, offered World Finals 101, a program for new riders as well as returning juniors.

“Learn everything you need to know about the crazy week at the world finals at this station,” Atwood said. “Let the No. 1 fan give you a little guidance so you don’t miss out on any of the cool things happening this week,” she said.

Pro Mentors, some of the most talented athletes in the world, were onsite to work with the Juniors as their group leaders.

Pro mentors include Dustin Motzouris; Tyron Motzouris; Chris MacClugage; Jake Zier; Quinten Bossche; Toshi O’Hara; Bill Haig; Blake Wicklund;  Brooks D’Antonio; Brock Austin; Ryan Decker; Benjamin Scharff; Tyler Hill; and Amy Green.

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One Response to “Tipsters Help Those New To IJSBA”

  1. Andrea says:

    What an amazing day ? Amazing team they work so hard to put on this top day. Will be sad it’s Harry Robinsons #53 GB last year as a junior but will support this day next year xx

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