Vaccine Event Set At The Views At Lake Havasu City

Vaccine Event Set At The Views At Lake Havasu City
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Since the novel coronavirus reared its ugly head a year ago, The Views at Lake Havasu has remained COVID-19 free among residents and staff, The Views’ executive director Jeffrey Main said.

And to ensure that zero COVID-19 status continues, Lake Havasu City Dr. Essa Sidiqi’s office will perform vaccine procedures at The Views Thursday beginning at 10 a.m.

“Six current residents have already received a vaccine and will be in stage 2 at this point,” Main said.

Main said management announced the vaccine program available for all residents in a resident meeting and received tremendous feedback from all residents.

“Residents commended our quick organization to host this important event and praised our entire process of handling the pandemic since the month of March,” Main said.

He said that to remain COVID-free since the month of May has been an outstanding accomplishment while senior living facilities across the country have reportedly been weakened by this virus.

“This has propelled us to not only hold greater retention during the pandemic, but also add 20 new occupants and 10 pending occupants, which is in contrast to what is happening in senior living today,” Main said of the View’s success over the course of the pandemic.

“Having this vaccination process done with the residents further enables our success in continuing this -flawless streak. As we further our protocols, and with this being a brand-new circumstance for all of us, I believe we have set the model with our accurate response timing and our excellent communications to our residents, their guests, and staff,” Main said.

Corra Smith wears a mask and gloves to protect the residents at The Views. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

The Views will continue to keep protocols in place as the process is underway and will continue to hold these structures after the process is completed as a precaution to reports of infections post-vaccination. Those precautions include outside guest temperature screening, mask application for outside guests and vendors, food and beverage mask mandates from the governor and giving residents precautionary items when they leave the building such as masks and hand sanitizer.

“We will continue to communicate any updates with residency and staff as they go forward,” Main said.

The vaccination event will be on The View’s Facebook page as a Facebook Live Thursday morning beginning at approximately 10 a.m.

For more information about The Views in Lake Havasu, visit or call 928-600-4743.





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  1. Dianne says:

    As a former Administrator I am so proud of all staff, residents, vendors, families, etc. As they say it takes a village to pull off what your group has accomplished. Great job!

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