WAHS Kicks Off Building Campaign

WAHS Kicks Off Building Campaign
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A longtime dream of many Lake Havasu City animal lovers is one step closer to becoming reality.

The kick-off party for the Western Arizona Humane Society Building Campaign brought together more than 200 of those animal lovers at the London Bridge Resort Convention Center Thursday to launch the fundraising for a new animal shelter in Lake Havasu City.

The current shelter is more than 35 years old and is, according to the campaign brochure, too hot, too cold, too small and too old.”

The new shelter will include 60 dog kennels and 30 cat cages with a community cat room in addition to 20 cages for other animals like rabbits. There will be three separate entrances and a contained area for intakes. Animal visitation areas will be both indoors and outdoors, a multi-purpose room for school children, meetings and could be rented out to the public. There will also be kitchens to prepare animal food and two separate laundry rooms. There will be a centralized system for climate control and a medical and quarantine center, just to name a few of the planned improvements to be included in the new facility.

Patty Gillmore, Executive Director Western Arizona Humane Society, said Thursday, “Lake Havasu – this community is over the top. I’ve never known people that love animals like this community. We are getting ready to build one of the best shelters in the state of Arizona.”

Rick Powell/RiverScene

Rick Powell/RiverScene

More than 2,000 animals entered the Intake Center at Lake Havasu’s Western Arizona Humane Society in 2015. Shelter authorities report a 95 percent live release rate.

“Tonight we’re here for the Western Arizona Humane Society Building Campaign Kick-Off Party. So tonight is the kick-off – launch of this huge, huge task that’s ahead of us to raise funds to build a new shelter,” said Steve Jenkins, a WAHS employee,

There are various ways to get involved with the campaign as well as several levels of donation options. Visit http://www.wahs-buildingcampaign.org/ for more information.

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