Weekend Perfect For Havasu Half And 5K

Weekend Perfect For Havasu Half And 5K
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By Becky Maxedon

More than 1,000 people registered for Saturday’s Havasu Half Marathon and 5K. While about 700 participated live, many are reporting their efforts virtually by the deadline of April 16.

The winner of Saturday’s live Havasu Half event was Roosevelt Cook, with a time of 1:14:40.

The Havasu Half Marathon and 5K is hosted by Havasu Healthy Striders, a partner under the umbrella of Havasu Community Health Foundation.

Healthy Striders promotes healthy living by providing opportunities and inspiration while educating the community on the lifestyle-changing benefits of walking.

Learn more at www.havasucommunityhealth.org/page/havasu-healthy-striders.

Benefitting from a portion of the registration fee are #YOUmatter; Suicide Awareness and Prevention Group and the Student Assistance Program (SAP), two groups under the umbrella of Havasu Community Health Foundation.

For more information, visit www.havasucommunityhealth.org.

Results of Havasu Half:

  1. Roosevelt Cook 1:14:40
  2. Gage Hale 1:16:22
  3. Juan Torrez 1:17:15
  4. Dan Kuch 1:18:11
  5. Bryan Botma 1:18:28

Results of 5K:

  1. Charles Delaporte 00:16:44
  2. Nicolas Losee 00:18:35
  3. Alexander Gallegos 00:18:37
  4. Casey O’Day 00:18:49
  5. Jamie Henson 00:19:22

Lighthouse Challenge Half Marathon & 5K

  1. Nicolas Losee 3:17:20
  2. Jason Reed 3:18:20
  3. Eric Heindl 3:21:09
  4. Mark Wrobel 3:22:16







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