Colorado River Celebration Featuring Lacey Sturm
Lacey Sturm, formerly of Flyleaf, performed last weekend at the Colorado River Celebration with Will Graham at the Rodeo Fairgrounds. The Celebration also included music by Flame, Jason Lovins Band, Aaron Shust, and a teaching by Will Graham. [caption id="attachment_9656" align="aligncenter" widt... Read More
Lake Havasu resident Lisa Keener is beaming with pride this week after her granddaughter, Emily Keener, appeared as a contestant on "The Voice" Tuesday. All four chairs turned around for Emily and she picked Pharrell Williams as her coach. "I'm very excited! She is having the best time ever. Musi... Read More
Strut Your Mutt
Kathy Hodel announced Saturday morning at Springberg Park during Strut Your Mutt, a new campaign that is in place to build a new WAHS Animal Shelter. The kick-off to the campaign begins March 3. [caption id="attachment_8519" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Khloe Ruger wins Best Kisser Saturday a... Read More
Ballooning Over Havasu
It takes a lot of work by pilots and their crew to make a balloon fly majestically in the air. RiverScene caught up with a few of the pilots to show you a behind the scenes look of what it takes to crew a hot air balloon.  ... Read More
Huzzah's shouted out amongst the crowd surrounding the jousting this weekend during the first annual London Bridge Renaissance Faire. Pirates raided the Queen's Tea, wenches ate turkey legs, and gypsies sang songs each day at Windsor 4. A New Year's Eve Royal Ball was also held Thursday evening. ... Read More
One Year Ago to the Day
Throwback Video Do you remember when it last snowed in Lake Havasu City, Arizona? One year ago to the day we remember December, 31st, 2014. The day Lake Havasu City stood still. Snow day!... Read More
Live Drive Through Nativity
A live drive-through Nativity was held at New Hope Church the weekend before Christmas in Desert Hills. Performers from around Lake Havasu dressed as angels, Roman soldiers, Mary and Joseph, to participate in the live Nativity. Animals such as camels, goats, and sheep were also a part of some of the... Read More
2015 Biker Toy Run
Motorcycles roared down McCulloch Blvd. Sunday afternoon during the Toys For Tots Biker Toy Run. The Run was put on by Interagency with over 1,000 motorcycles carrying toys for kids of all ages from Parker to Lake Havasu. Barbies, teddy bears, basketballs and footballs, will be given to children in... Read More
2015 Boat Parade Of Lights
Boats sparkled under the London Bridge Friday and Saturday night during the Boat Parade of Lights. Over thirty boats with themes from Star Wars to flags wowed the audience lining the Bridgewater Channel. [gallery td_select_gallery_slide="slide" ids="7547,7549,7550,7542,7543,7544,7545,7546,7537,7... Read More
Chillin And Swillin 2015
There was beer guzzlin' and beer sippin' at the 11th Annual Chillin and Swillin Saturday afternoon. Beer enthusiasts from Lake Havasu and beyond gathered at Rotary Park to sample the alcoholic beverages with pretzel necklaces hung around their necks and mugs in their hand. [caption id="attachment... Read More