Oro Grande’s New Principal, Brett Bitterman
Join RiverScene Magazine as we speak with Brett Bitterman, the new principal of Oro Grande Elementary School. He's tells RSM he's excited about building relationships through the new position. Bitterman said that despite some nervousness, he's ready to run with the Roadrunners.... Read More
Teacher Spotlight: Pam Reinke
Art, Charity and Creativity in Lake Havasu City Lake Havasu City isn’t largely known as an artsy town, but there are quite a few creative minds in the city that focus on bettering their community. Local artist, teacher and 17-year resident, Pam Reinke, is one of those people. She lends her suppor... Read More
Teacher Spotlight: Rebecca Pehling
[quote_center]"Through use of her talent for children, Rebecca has allowed our daughter to step out of the frightening and lonely world of an autistic child into one of friendship and understanding."[/quote_center] [caption id="attachment_272" align="alignleft" width="236"] Rebecca works with Kie... Read More