Conquering Yourself with Terrence Murtagh

Conquering Yourself with Terrence Murtagh

Join Phoenix native Terrence Murtagh on the topic of “Intention.” Focusing in on having the urge to do something, you must set an intention and follow through with it in order for the intention not to diminish. Terrence will share examples of this process (The Law of Diminishing Intent) in his life and entrepreneurial journey as the storyline.

Terrence is the Principal of Brand Overture, Founder and Owner of The Heavy Pedal and CoFounder of First Place Coffee. Jump below to read more about Terrence.

Have you ever had the burning desire to do something… but didn’t? We all have. It’s important to understand why this happens so you have the awareness and can correct it. First, you feel hyped on trying/doing this new thing. Maybe it’s a business idea, a vacation idea, a lifestyle change… you name it. Then you dabble with the idea of doing a few things to get you closer to your goal. However, you just dabble and don’t take it too seriously. Within a week the fire is barely burning. In a month it’s gone cold. In a year it’s completely forgotten.

This brings us to understanding the “Law of Diminishing Intent.” If you want to see something through, you must set a long term goal (the outcome), and then craft your plan in reverse to get you to that goal. Then, you work towards that goal everyday in some capacity. Small wins that will bring you one step closer to the goal. The first of these wins is to conquer yourself… and I will show you how to do just that.

Terrence is on a mission to help people conquer themselves so they can win at life, excel in business and achieve the life they desire. Having felt very disconnected from himself and his reality until the late 20s to early 30s — he was lost and had nowhere to go. Terrence had two options: he could continue to be depressed, feel sorry for himself and hold on to the past OR he could rise to the occasion of life like a champion and start to exist in the present. Can you guess which decision he made?

Terrence became the Phoenix and is taking his turn to give back. It has become his life’s mission to help people develop a better understanding of themselves, gain a Winner’s Mindset and help guide their path towards success.


🍕 6-6:30 Welcome, pizza, beer, mingle
🎤 6:30-7:30ish Presentation, Q&A
🤝 Followed by more time to ask questions, meet new people, eat more pizza

Creative Comrades is a monthly meet up for entrepreneurs and creative professionals in Lake Havasu. Join us on second Wednesdays at Mudshark Public House from 6-8P. Thank you to our partners Mudshark Brewery, Foothills Bank, and Partnership for Economic Development

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Start Date June 08, 2022
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