HPA Students Get A Head Start On College Recognition

HPA Students Get A Head Start On College Recognition
RSM Team / 15 Aug 2019 / No Comments » Comments

Brandi Stokes’ kindergarten and first-grade classes are getting a head start on college at Havasu Preparatory Academy.

Stokes began by writing four to five letters each weekend to different colleges.

“I did the letters for our class to introduce them and get them excited about college. It only takes about a week for the colleges to start sending items, ” Stokes said.

The classes started receiving swag from different colleges.

“We’ve received stickers, pencils, coloring books, pennants and more,” Stokes said.

They received these items from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Southern New Hampshire University, Purdue University, and Texas A&M University.

Other classes throughout HPA also are writing to colleges on their own time, anticipating the arrival of more college signature items.




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