Riverbound Custom Storage And RV Park: Current Project Updates

Riverbound Custom Storage And RV Park: Current Project Updates
Grace Usher / 03 Jul 2019 / 3 Comments » Comments

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By Grace Usher

Construction for Riverbound Custom Storage and RV is underway. The site is located off State Route 95 North with its entrance paralleling Havasu Heights. 

It was only November 2018 when Riverbound Custom Storage and RV Park first broke ground. Now, eight months later, they are nearing a grand opening with Phase l of the project. Owner and Project Developer, Ryan Rodney, shares the most recent updates on the project.

“Everything is snapping together, and coming to life. It’s pretty amazing to me how efficient everybody has been working together, communication is strong,” Rodney said.

Earlier this year, land grading of 90,000 cubic yards was finished courtesy of Pioneer Earth Movers Inc. Several tons of asphalting and lane striping on SR 95 created a left-turn lane leading to the entrance of the site. 

Phase I Mass Grading Courtesy: Riverbound Custom Storage and RV

Aerial View of Hwy 95 turning lanes. Courtesy: Riverbound Custom Storage and RV

On-site, phase one is in process with the most recent site additions being the establishment of water, sewer and fire-precaution systems. Beginning in the next few weeks, project leaders are moving to energize the property with the assistance of UniSource Energy Services. 

Within the next 30 days, the foundation will be laid for large water tank installations. These tanks will be used for fire-prevention as well as water to be provided for domestic use.

The first commercial structure to be built is the general store. This building will include check-in, concierge services, directory and food and beverage items will be for sale. This will also be the initial building where guests are greeted, making its construction a landmark for the project. Other planned accommodation buildings include a laundromat, pull through wash station and fuel station. 

Water Tank Foundations Courtesy: Riverbound Custom Storage and RV

After the convenience store is in full-motion, the pool and spa will be constructed to add the luxury to Riverbound Custom Storage and RV Park. As the toys are relaxing in their “caves,” guests will have the opportunity to relax as well. 

According to Riverbound’s website, “Each 20’X50′ Man-Cave will be erected on a 5″-3,000 PSI concrete pad, which will be fully enclosed with 6” (R-19) vinyl reinforced back fiberglass insulation”

Each structure will have the capacity to comfortably store an RV or multiple recreational vehicles including boats, personal watercraft, motorcycles, jeeps and all-terrain vehicles. Each site comes with 1/8th acre of land that will include both indoor and outdoor 26-gauge steel storage structures. Along the storage structures will be a concrete RV pad with a 15’x50’ shaded awning and also a parking area for visitors. 

Box culverts bridging Phase I to Phase II. Courtesy: Riverbound Custom Storage and RV

Riverbound prides itself on the multitude of customizable options to make every storage unit as accommodating (and luxurious) as possible. Possible amenity add-ons include surveillance, climate control, work bench, tool chest, car lift, WiFi connectivity, Blue-Tooth speakers, flat screen TV’s, refrigerator, Kegerator, dart board, foosball table, pub-style table set, to name a few.

“What Riverbound is bringing to the market is something that has never been seen before where you can customize your storage unit, have a consolidation factor and enjoy RV Park use. Where you can build it out in a way and have all your toys in an air-conditioned man cave. I think folks are going to have a blast with friends and family, and that’s what it’s about.”

The first five “man cave” structures are scheduled to be fully erect and ready for occupancy by the end of 2019 with the remaining 20 structures to be completed by mid-2020. 

Though these caves will not be ready for occupancy until the end of this year, demand for them is strong. Riverbound Custom Storage and RV Park is currently experiencing dozens on the waiting list for spaces. 

Digital Rendering of “man-cave” design. Courtesy: Riverbound Custom Storage and RV

Beyond the amenities within the facility grounds is land owned by the Bureau of Land Management. This translates into even more sought after freedom for occupants. 

No longer do visitors have to drive several miles to ideal off-road recreation areas as the best of the desert will now be in their back yard. Just a short drive out the back gate leads to the wondrous, unexplored terrain of the area. 

During the hot summer season, Riverbound is about 10 miles from Lake Havasu, a 15-minute trip at most. This ideal location brings the multi-purpose aspect of Riverbound Custom Storage and RV Park that is unheard of in the area.

“Riverbound is really excited about bringing this unique concept to the market. We feel the product and craftsmanship are going to be unmatched and we feel that the price point for customers is going to be fair, reasonable, and in-line with the going rate for RV Park and storage facility use in the area” Rodney said. 

The facility aims to bridge the amenities of both a fully accommodating storage facility and upscale RV park to create an experience for every guest as if they are in an oasis tucked under within the desert landscape. For both the winter visitors and weekend-getaway enthusiasts, the luxuries of Riverbound Custom Storage and RV is unrivaled. 

Digital rendering of RV park layout. Courtesy: Riverbound Custom Storage and RV

A project of grandeur such as Riverbound Custom Storage and RV Park would not be possible without the hard work, dedication and belief from the local businesses and people of Lake Havasu City. 

“Every decision I have made since day one, I have kept the big question in the back of my mind of ‘How can we build this out in a first-class manner and stimulate the Lake Havasu City economy. That has been a very big priority.” Rodney said.

Riverbound Custom Storage and RV Park would like to thank every individual and organization that has been involved in the project in every step of development, including the Lake Havasu City Chamber of Commerce and the development offices of Mohave County. 

Courtesy: Riverbound Custom Storage and RV

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  1. Amber says:

    That’s cool. For people who need this. I know it’s in demand here.

  2. Mark says:

    Looks great. I’m VERY interested. Please send me info on the development, units and availability. Thanks!

  3. Craig Daniel says:

    Interested in when sites will be available for purchase. Is there a wait list?

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