Desert Hills Firefighters Promoted

Desert Hills Firefighters Promoted
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Six Desert Hills Fire District firefighters were recently promoted to the rank of engineer.

According to Fire Chief Pat Dennen,“The definition of an engineer who is under the supervision of a fire captain, performs all the duties of a firefighter and is responsible for the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of all fire vehicles, apparatus and equipment.”

Desert Hills Fire historically has not had the rank of engineer, according to a press release.

“In the past, all of our employees were trained in vehicle operations and pump operations, which will continue but by adding the rank of engineer; it brings more industry standards into our operations and in essence, modernizes our department,” Dennen said.

The new engineers successfully completed two 40-hour classes with State Fire Marshall-approved curriculum as well as a practical examination demonstrating pumping and operations skills in a competitive testing process.

Dennen said the courses were completed in California because no state certified curriculum is offered in Arizona.

Our new engineers are Dustin McMahon, David Meraz, Mikel Borg, Nicholas Ryan, Eddie Miller and Jeff Stancil.

The captains who supervise the newly created engineer positions were required to attend the two 40-hour courses that the engineer candidates were required to attend. The department said they thank the San Bernardino County Fire Department for assisting with the opportunity.

The Desert Hills Fire District serves residents and visitors of Desert Hills and the Lake Havasu region. For more information about the Desert Hills Fire District, call 928-764-3333, or follow its Facebook page, or website at


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