Long known for its scenic splendor and recreational opportunities, Lake Havasu City has become a relatively young bed of activity for artistic expression, often only found in communities that have been well-established for years. A drive down the upper section of McCulloch Boulevard affirms the healthy growth of a community expressing the artistic nature of humanity and the core connection that reaches beyond social variances. RiverScene spoke to two local mural artists changing the way we see the landscape.

Rachel Kaiser paints her mural on the K.A.W.S. building. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Rachel Kaiser

Rachel Kaiser may not be a household name, however, chances are her art has caught your eye. Outside of K.A.W.S., located at 2144 McCulloch, a Kitchen, Event and Work Space for vendors and community, on the lakeside facing wall is Kaiser’s mural “Farm to Table.” It is a vast work encompassing the entire surface. The mural is 1600 square feet and was funded by HAPA (Havasu Area Public Arts). 

Kaiser relocated to Lake Havasu City from Montana 16 months ago, bringing her 26 years of experience as an artist in tow. 

“I started making art as a child and my kindergarten teacher encouraged my parents to nurture my young skills further and put me in art classes. My parents happily listened to my teacher, thank goodness. I continued to blossom from there with daily practice and more art teachers and different art classes. Art has been a lifelong discipline for me and I still continue to learn, grow and develop,” said Kaiser. 

Rachel Kaiser’s artwork on the K.A.W.S. building. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Every artist has a favorite subject or medium that motives their growth and expression and Kaiser is no different. “I love to paint people and animals, landscapes, birds, insects, plants, flowers, anything nature related. I enjoy patterns in nature and exaggerating them.” An audience of her work Farm to Table will quickly connect her love of patterns and exaggerated form immediately. “I also like painting narratives and stories using symbolism,” she said.

Work for local artists is stacking up as sponsors express interest. “My future projects include more murals in Lake Havasu City as well as a series of my painted ceramic works. I call this series, Surreal Dollhouses.”

Jackie Davison

There is no shortage of mural artists locating to Havasu. Jackie Davison is a relative new comer to the dessert relocating from the eastern United States. “I moved here from Pennsylvania about 9 months ago,” said Davison who has already begun to turn what was a hobby into a side job that is paying dividends.

A mural painted by Jackie Davison. Photo courtesy Jackie Davison

“I have always drawn and painted ever since I was little. It was something that came naturally to me. I never considered doing a mural until my co-worker found out I was artistic and asked me to paint the London Bridge in his office. It was a new and exciting challenge that helped me grow as an artist,” expresses Davison. 

Word has traveled as Davison makes plans for her immediate future. “I have some more murals lined up for the near future. I am also opening a shop on Etsy – Jaclyne & Ko Designs, where people can get custom Painting and drawings.”

A mural painted by Jackie Davison. Photo courtesy Jackie Davison

Contact Information

To reach Rachel Kaiser for artwork and mural requests, email her at kaisercreates@gmail.com or call 406-868-2796. You can also check her out on Instagram @rachelkaiserart or Facebook under Rachel Kaiser Art.

To reach Jackie Davison for artwork and mural requests, email her at jaclyneandkodesigns@gmail.com or call 484-904-5385.

A mural painted by Rachel Kaiser on the K.A.W.S building in Lake Havasu. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

A mural painted by Rachel Kaiser on the K.A.W.S building in Lake Havasu. Jillian Danielson/RiverScene

Artwork by Jackie Davison. photo courtesy Jackie Davison

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