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High School Senior Rina Draper-Gione Shares Her Artwork
By Nicole Matheson Going on five decades, Lake Havasu City has become a fertile environment for both artists and the art they produce. Boasting a true melting pot of residents from across the nation and the world, Havasu has reflected not only the humanity of its population but it’s education a... Read More
Fashion Sparks Student Passion
This article was written by LHHS Journalism Student, Zoe Dondero. Those who wander the hallways of Lake Havasu High School might find several creative courses such as art, yearbook, choir and acting. A class some may not expect to find is fashion. In this class, students create whatever they de... Read More
Bluegrass Festival Attracts Many Music Fans
This article was written by LHHS Journalism Student, Karley Glover. The 12th annual Bluegrass on the Beach last weekend brought a variety of spectators, vendors and performers to Lake Havasu City. The unique style of music appeared to make people feel good. Many onlookers tapped their feet,... Read More
Student Spotlight: Mary Reynolds
"Mary is an amazing artist who finds ways to be creative in the classroom while still maintaining academic integrity," said Pam Simon, Mary's U.S. history teacher. Mary Reynolds is a traditional 11th grade student at Telesis Preparatory Academy. She works hard to be a straight 'A' student and ... Read More