Hunger Awareness Walk
Participants walked up McCulloch Blvd. Saturday morning for Interagency's  Hunger Awareness Walk. The walkers wore orange shirts to raise awareness that September is Hunger Awareness month. [caption id="attachment_20122" align="aligncenter" width="1021"] The Walk Against Hunger organizers pose f... Read More
Labor Day marks the last summer holiday where work turns to play. Lake Havasu is a busy destination for travelers looking to cool down from the summer scorch. When on the water, boaters could be unaware there is always someone watching over their safety. Partnering with the Lake Havasu Sherrif... Read More
The Big ‘N’ Crooked Legend Lives On
One iconic houseboat that floated on the waters of Lake Havasu in the early days of Lake Havasu City is the stuff of which legends are made. The stories of Big ‘N’ Crooked have abounded and entertained folks from Lake Havasu City for years. And many of those who launched the houseboat in 1974... Read More
Future Marines Gear Up For Boot Camp
U.S. Marine recruits Eric Burbur, Juan Camacho, Jacob Doyle and Tannon Guerrette worked out with Staff Sgt Gehring, Lake Havasu City Marine Corps recruiter Saturday morning at Rotary Park. Staff Sgt. Gehring was preparing the new Marine Corps recruits for boot camp. The recruits report to boot c... Read More
When Lorinda Moore arrived in Lake Havasu City about three years ago, she wanted to find a way to meet people and make friends. That’s when she started the Facebook page Lake Havasu Social. On the page, Moore invited folks to join her for a social time to break bread and get to know one another... Read More
Several volunteers with the Cancer Association of Havasu -including The Cat in the Hat - gathered at Makai Café Wednesday morning to prepare for the upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. The volunteers put together brochures and sponsor packets to hand out prior to the event. The 19th Annual... Read More
Fan Photo Gallery: Water Reflections
Lake Havasu provides beautiful photo opporatunities for water reflections. Therefore, "Water Reflections" is this week's theme for our fan photo gallery. [caption id="attachment_18769" align="aligncenter" width="960"] photo courtesy Amber Crest[/caption] [caption id="attachment_18776" align="... Read More
Backpacks For Kids Donations Needed
When sixth-grader Ciella Burke set out on a journey to help parents offset back-to-school expenses, she probably didn’t think that seven years later, her younger sister Saige Farley would be following in her footsteps. But that’s just what’s happened. Saige Farley is now a sophomore and is ... Read More
Stars Capture Photographers’ Attention
By Karley Glover/LHHS Journalism Student: Stargazing is a common pastime in Lake Havasu City. Many stay up late into the night to get a glance at a unique phenomenon they might only see once or just to see a falling star to wish on. Photographers Brandon Plunkett and Jonathan Fotino use their ... Read More