Lake Havasu Schoolchildren Awed By Hot Air Balloons

Lake Havasu Schoolchildren Awed By Hot Air Balloons
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Lake Havasu City is geared up for Balloonfest this weekend, and no one is more excited about having hot air balloons floating around our town than the schoolchildren.

Children arrived at 11 Havasu schools this morning to find a special surprise waiting for them. Pilots hailing from all over the U.S. as well as one from Canada, agreed to set up their balloons at the schools so the children could see them up close.

The pilots took time to speak directly to the students, explaining how hot air balloons work, and the children were able to watch the balloons being inflated. They even got to look into the balloon while it was inflated, oohing and aahing over the beautiful colors. Some of the preschoolers were momentarily frightened when the burners were ignited and a burst of fire blasted noisily, but the older students cheered.

Judy Lacey/RiverScene

Judy Lacey/RiverScene

It was an educational moment for the children, and they were able to ask the pilots questions, like how they steer and how a balloon could possibly stay afloat up in the sky.

Schools that were visited by hot air balloons this morning were Calvary Christian Academy, Guiding Light Christian Educational Center, Havasu Preparatory Academy, Havasupai, Lake Havasu High School, Jamaica, Nautilus, Oro Grande, Smoketree elementary schools, Telesis  and Thunderbolt Middle School.

Journalism classes from Lake Havasu High School, Telesis and Thunderbolt will submit coverage of their balloon visits to RiverScene Magazine. Watch for their reports coming soon.

Smoketree Elementary School Photo Gallery by Angelina Peace:

Oro Grande Photo Gallery By Nathan Adler:

Havasupai Elementary Photo Gallery By Rick Powell:

Starline Photo Gallery By Jillian Danielson:

Nautilus Photo Gallery By Gary Meyers:

Calvary Christian Academy Photo Gallery By Judy Lacey:

Guiding Light Preschool Photo Gallery By Angelina Peace:

HPA Photo Gallery Submitted By Amy Hanon, School Leader:

Jamaica Photo Gallery By Jillian Danielson:

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