National Weather Service Press Release: Moisture associated with Hurricane Dolores will get pushed into our region beginning Friday afternoon and evening. This will result in the potential for heavy rain and flash flooding, particularly Friday night through Saturday. Moisture will be in place acr... Read More
Monsoon Moisture Set to Return This Weekend
Vegas National Weather Service Press Release: After a break in showers and thunderstorms, moisture is set to return to the region late this week and through the weekend. Tropical Storm Dolores has developed in the eastern Pacific off the southwestern coast of Mexico. Dolores is forecast to beco... Read More
By Pete Miramontes One thing about thunderstorms is that they can produce damaging winds. When the winds reach a speed of 58 mph or higher, the NWS service issues a Severe Thunderstorm Warning. [caption id="attachment_4311" align="alignleft" width="300"] A microburst on the outside of Lake Hav... Read More
NWS Press Release: Tuesday a complex of thunderstorms formed in central Arizona on the Mogollon Rim and gradually moved west as an upper level disturbance moved through the area. This thunderstorm complex produced a great deal of lightning and damaging winds as it moved across the lower Colorado Ri... Read More
Monsoon Time Lapse by Bryan Snider
Since the Monsoon moisture is beginning to make its way up through the southeast corner of Arizona this weekend, RiverScene wanted to share a monsoon time lapse video from Bryan Snider as Lake Havasu awaits our storms to begin. Bryan Snider is a storm chaser/photographer and travels throughout... Read More
Monsoon Officially Starts June 15
With June 15th now here, monsoon thunderstorms will begin to ramp up across the desert southwest until the end of the season, which is September 30. The beginning of monsoon (it is proper to use "monsoon" as singular not plural as it refers to a season, not a single storm) used to be three consecuti... Read More
The Las Vegas National Weather Service is looking into possibilities of moisture remnants from Hurricane Blanca impacting the region on Tuesday and Wednesday. Confidence is still fairly low at this point, but best to be prepared. The best days for any precipitation look to be Tues/Wednesday at this ... Read More