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Easter Weekend Egg Hunts
Jasmine Place and Ultra Star Cinemas held Easter Egg Hunts Saturday morning. [gallery td_select_gallery_slide="slide" ids="2603,2597,2602,2595,2596,2604,2605"]... Read More
Exceptional Rodeo Brings Big Smiles
Saturday morning, children and adults with special needs, as well as many volunteers, gathered at the Sara Park Rodeo grounds for the 2015 Exceptional Rodeo. The participants were able to ride horses, play rodeo games, and even "compete" in a few events. [gallery ids="2588,2589,2590,2591,2592,25... Read More
Tour Inside The London Bridge
Ever wonder what it is like inside the London Bridge? Is it hollow or filled with concrete? Are bats and other creatures living inside the Bridge? Is it haunted? The Bridge is hollow. There is a series of passageways and chambers that follow from one end of the Bridge to the other an... Read More
Table Top Mountain Rescue
At approximately 9:00 a.m., Sunday, March 29, 2015, Lake Havasu City Fire Department’s (LHCFD) Rescue 3, Rescue 4 and Battalion 1 responded to the SARA Park trail head for a hiker that was injured in the area of Table Top Mountain. On the way to the call, Rescue 3 Captain was in voice contact with... Read More
Bass Pro Shops Fishing Tournament Results
The final day for the Bass Pro Shops Fishing Tournament was Sunday. Basic rules for the tournament include a maximum limit of five fish per day for each participant's bag. Another rule is that the fish must be alive at weight in. Once weighed, the fish is placed back in the lake to be caught... Read More
WORCS Racing March 29
WORCS racers competed at Crazy Horse Campground Sunday afternoon. Ken Gallagher/RiverScene [gallery ids="2491,2486,2489,2488,2487"][caption id="attachment_2494" align="alignnone" width="240"]... Read More
Havasu 95 Speedway March 28 Race
Here are your March 28 Havasu 95 Speedway results: Big O Street Stocks 1. Rick Bezanson #64 2. Jeremy Orozco #5 3. Garrett Reinoso #76 The Goose Team Factory 1. Take & Bake #17 - Chris Weiss 2. Baby Boomers #55 - Dave Buntemeyer 3. Vista Cruisers #56 – Bobby Keirns [caption id="att... Read More
Denise’s Day
With Cancer touching so many lives in one form or another, Matt Farris and Heather Courneya decided to do their part to help others. In 2010, Denise's Day was formed to help Denise Madrid while she fought her own battle with Cancer. Even though Madrid passed away after the first Denise's Day, her me... Read More
Bass Pro Shops Fishing Tournament and Festival
The Bass Pro Shops held a Bass Tournament Saturday at Windsor 4. Vendors and boat demos were also on hand at the event. Admission is free throughout the weekend to the public. [gallery ids="2448,2446,2445,2444,2443,2447"]... Read More