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Rock Painting Summer Craze Hits Lake Havasu
By Karley Glover/LHHS Journalism Student: Rocks have become a hobby for many around Lake Havasu. But not just regular rocks, painted rocks that are then hidden around town. The rocks are painted by individuals and have been hidden around in various places. Anyone can do it and rocks are being ... Read More
Young Havasu Girl Gives Back To Community
By Karley Glover/LHHS Journalism Student: A tall glass of lemonade on a hot summer day is always an excellent treat, especially when it's being served by a young individual trying to help the community. Bluemedia and Duality Public Relations are teaming up to inspire and support budding entrep... Read More
Exploring Havasu: Mohave County Library
By Karley Glover/LHHS Journalism Student: While many know of the local Mohave County Library, many don’t know of everything the establishment has to offer. Despite the stereotype of a library being a building stacked to the ceiling with books, the library offers many different amenities. ... Read More
Stars Capture Photographers’ Attention
By Karley Glover/LHHS Journalism Student: Stargazing is a common pastime in Lake Havasu City. Many stay up late into the night to get a glance at a unique phenomenon they might only see once or just to see a falling star to wish on. Photographers Brandon Plunkett and Jonathan Fotino use their ... Read More
Teens Create Productive Summer
By Zoe Dondero/LHHS Journalism Student: School has wound down and the heat has turned up. It's officially summer. Now that school’s out, there are numerous ways students can spend their summer. Many travel, swim, or even just sleep, but some decide to devote their time to work. Why, you may ... Read More
Exploring Havasu: Castle Rock
By Karley Glover/LHHS Journalism Student: The Castle Rock area is surrounded by trees and bushes and occupies a vast amount of space along one sandy edge of the Colorado River. [caption id="attachment_18420" align="aligncenter" width="1021"] A sign is at the entrance that points to the Castle ... Read More
What Once Was Lost Is Now Found
By LHHS Journalism Student Karley Glover: While working in his yard one day, Andrew Dockery spotted something shiny. It was a small ring, covered in dirt, with a pink stone in the center with initials engraved on the inside of the band. Not giving it much thought, Dockery washed away the dirt and... Read More
LHHS Royal Report News
The Lake Havasu High School journalism students recently competed in Skills USA. Here is the Royal Report News by LHHS broadcast journalism students with the details of the competition. ... Read More
Student Creativity Shines Through Cabinets
By Zoe Dondero/LHHS Journalism Student: Walking in, students are greeted by the sounds of saws. They grab their safety goggles and get to work. Little sparks of wood fly from different directions. At first, this may sound like construction class, but it is an advanced cabinet making class at the ... Read More
Nautilus Celebrates Famous Author’s Birthday
The article was written by LHHS Journalism Student, Karley Glover. Nautilus Elementary School celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday March 2. The students could bring their parents to school to read a variety of the author's books and dress in green. For breakfast, students munched on green eggs and h... Read More