Lake Havasu City resident Stephanie Lueras, 35, has shed 125 pounds after coming to terms with more than just diet and exercise. “I just reached that point where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired,” Lueras said. “I’ve been overweight all of my life. I’ve done every diet, and c... Read More
CITIZEN SPOTLIGHT: Dody Lee, Havasu Pioneer
Dody Lee-Hietpas, 75, has lived in Lake Havasu City for 44 years. Her medical doctor in upstate New York advised her to move to a more arid locale for health reasons, and handed her a coupon for a free airplane ride he’d clipped from the newspaper. It was a McCulloch flight. “We landed on the... Read More
CITIZEN SPOTLIGHT: Kevin Jaxon, Local Musician
Local rhythm-and-blues headliner Kevin Jaxon, of Kevin Jaxon & Midnight Sun, has been encouraging the folks of Lake Havasu City to get their groove on for the past four years. Jaxon, born and raised in Los Angeles, Calif., is a self-taught musician, singer and songwriter, who was first inspir... Read More
Newly crowned Ms. Havasu Senior Sue Marchbank, 70, has ties to Lake Havasu stretching back 60 years into her youth. Beginning when she was 8 years old, she’d travel with her family from Southern California to Havasu’s shores. “I was born and raised in Victorville, Calif.,” Marchbank said ... Read More
Citizen Spotlight: Amber Hoffman
  Amber Hoffman has been knee-deep in construction sites since the mere age of 11. Through the years, she’s worked on construction sites in eight U.S. states. Today, she oversees the building of three custom homes in Lake Havasu City. “I was 11 years old when I first remember being cu... Read More
Citizen Spotlight – Tee Taylor
Tee Taylor’s wife Beth Taylor is his biggest cheerleader. “He’s a jack of all trades — a carpenter, an excellent mechanic, a good cook; he could fix anything. He’s Mr. Fixit,” Beth Taylor confided. “He could even sew; he made clothing for himself and his nieces and nephews. When he ... Read More
LHUSD New Superintendent, Diana Asseier
The new superintendent of the Lake Havasu Unified School District, Diana Asseier, is ready to tackle the important issues and impact the community in a positive way. With plenty of educational experience under her belt, she is excited to meet and talk to as many people as she can to find out wh... Read More
Nautilus’s New Principal, Ruben Gonzalez
New to town but not new to education is Ruben Gonzales, the Nautilus Dolphins new principal. Gonzales relocated to Lake Havasu City from Phoenix and he's ready to meet his students and all the Dolphins. For the latest stories, photos, live videos, news, and events around Lake Havasu, check o... Read More
Citizen Spotlight: Eric Overfield
It began as a teenager when he needed something to do in the summer. It’s what led 29-year-old Eric Overfield to the city’s Parks and Recreation summer youth programs. “I started as a volunteer when I was 13 or 14 years old,” Overfield said. “I worked there every summer. It’s half of ... Read More
Jamaica Elementary’s New Principal, Andrea Helart
Andrea Helart is ready to rock with the Crocs at Jamaica Elementary School as their new principal. Continuing academic success is her goal as she prepares to start the new school year. For the latest stories, photos, live videos, news, and events around Lake Havasu, check out our website at rive... Read More