There are two dozen elementary and middle school students in Lake Havasu City who recently have been recognized for their outstanding take on drug awareness. The contests, which are sponsored annually by the Elks Lodge No. 2399 in Havasu, draw participation from hundreds of local youth. Two of th... Read More
Student Spotlight: Amanda Watson LHHS
Lake Havasu High School student Amanda Watson's day does not only involve keeping up with homework, studying and her grades, she also makes time to give back to her community. Watson grew up in Lake Havasu City and attended Calvary Christian Academy and later transferred to Thunderbolt Middle Sch... Read More
Student Spotlight: Moriah Kimball
Student Spotlight: Moriah Kimball Often sitting quietly in class is Thunderbolt Middle School student Moriah Kimball who may be shy around her peers, but has an amazing talent for art. The eighth-grader can be spotted carrying a sketchbook at all times in the hallways at school.For anyone that catc... Read More
Student Spotlight: Mary Reynolds
"Mary is an amazing artist who finds ways to be creative in the classroom while still maintaining academic integrity," said Pam Simon, Mary's U.S. history teacher. Mary Reynolds is a traditional 11th grade student at Telesis Preparatory Academy. She works hard to be a straight 'A' student and ... Read More