Seven All-Star Cheer teams, Love, Dream, Secret, Jynx, Obsession, Matrix & Odyssey headed out to their final 9th season competition at the Aloha Spirit Championships in Las Vegas April 8 and 9. The group brought home six division championships and one third-place win. [caption id="attachme... Read More
 “The Passion Experience” brings the story of Jesus to life in Lake Havasu City beginning this evening at Calvary Baptist Church. [caption id="attachment_17375" align="aligncenter" width="1021"] Jillian Danielson/RiverScene[/caption] The play is a celebration of the life, death and resurr... Read More
Pickleball: It’s A Big Dill
In February, Lake Havasu City welcomed four new pickleball courts to Dick Samp Memorial Park, located at 1628 Avalon Ave. The official opening of the courts has been anticipated by local pickleball players, as well as seasonal visitors for quite some time. The master plan for the court area in Dick ... Read More
Exploring Havasu: Water Tank Hike
Submitted story and photos by Larry Reese: Water Tank Hike 3 Miles Each Way Easy Hike This hike has been called the Water Tank Hike, Horse Hoof Point and Aubrey Hills Hike. Both the Water Tank and the rock that looks like a horse’s hoof are at the end of the trail and when you are walkin... Read More
Bobby Dendy is a worship evangelist based in Phoenix. He travels America to wherever he feels called for his ministry. And, that includes Lake Havasu City. Dendy’s has been ministering to Havasu’s spring break visitors for nine years in London Bridge Beach with bottled water, friendship and c... Read More
Havasu Girl Scouts Donate Cookies
Several local groups are the beneficiaries of Lake Havasu Girl Scout troops after receiving donations of the organization’s arguably famous cookies. The latest count Wednesday of cookies sold in Lake Havasu City is 60,560 boxes, with more numbers expected to be reported. [caption id="attachm... Read More
Spring Break 2017! Why Lake Havasu City?
Submitted Story By Emily Cassens: Lake Havasu City has long been known for the massive party that occurs every year during spring break in March and April. Strolling down the famous Bridgewater Channel during Lake Havasu spring break, there are plenty of bright bikinis, fried shoulders, red solo ... Read More
The Desert In Bloom
There are few sights as beautiful as a desert, normally devoid of all color except brown, suddenly coming alive in springtime with wildflowers in gorgeous shades of yellow, red, purple, pink and orange. [caption id="attachment_16948" align="alignleft" width="1021"] photo courtesy Denise Marie[/ca... Read More
Havasu Stitchers Honor Veterans
Veterans at Lake Hills Inn received a special surprise Friday morning from the Havasu Stitchers. Twenty-five Havasu Stitchers made 13 quilts for veterans who live at Lake Hills Inn.   [caption id="attachment_16911" align="aligncenter" width="1021"] Linda Higuera presents Bill Norman,98, ... Read More
Exploring Havasu: Three Dunes Hike
Photos courtesy Larry Reese Three Miles Each Way Easy Hike The Three Dunes trailhead is at the scenic view overlook parking lot off State Route 95 South, located about five miles south of Lake Havasu City. Park in the southern part of the parking lot and walk toward the river and you will se... Read More