In Business, Age Is Just A Number
By Shelby Horn/RiverScene Magazine: What would it be like to be one’s own boss, set his/her own hours and rates and answer to no one but one’s self? Sounds too good to be true, especially for millennials, right? Brett Qualls, of Agave Physical Therapy, and Kyle Niquette, of Pools Plus, thi... Read More
By Shelby Horn/RiverScene: Lake Havasu City has long been a hot spot for motorsports action, happily providing a home for jet skis, dirt bikes, off-road vehicles …. And monster trucks? In 2010, the city became the home of monster truck driver and Monster Jam performer Mark Schroeder. Schroe... Read More
There’s a new storefront in town that showcases 65 flavors of gourmet popcorn, a variety of bulk candies, and several soda pops of yesteryear. Family owned We Be Pop’n recently opened its doors and its charms to Lake Havasu City – with free samples leading the way. “I make everything fro... Read More
Local fitness fanatic Jill Conner dances her way through most days at Havasu Fitness while teaching classes there such as Zumba, Move to the Beat, or Mat Pilates. “It’s like an experience,” Conner said, of her Zumba class. “There’s a party going on before I even get there. It’s a lot ... Read More
Mission pilot Don Clark has logged about 100 flight hours during at least 40 flights in the past two years to help dogs when they’re in need of transport – a measure that’s proving he is dog’s best friend. “The reward is the faces on these dogs, and it’s the faces on the people when I... Read More
Photographer Spotlight: Eddo Early
Eddo Early has taken photos since 1968 and has fallen in love with the hobby ever since. He has worked for local Havasu publications in the past and his favorite style of photography is shooting photos of anything with texture. Eddo and his wife Carolyn have lived in Lake Havasu since 1991. Take ... Read More
It’s the Laugh Out Loud Funny Papers, Hava-Geek Podcasts, Havasu Online TV, silver screen advertisements at Movies Havasu, and voice-acting video game characters that make up the days of Drake and Julia Finney, both of Havasu. HAVA-GEEK PODCAST The Finney’s reached a grassroots milestone in La... Read More
It is widely acknowledged that there is a problem with plastic products and how its disposal affects the environment. The consequences for marine life and humans are potentially disastrous, as the plastic ingested by fish and animals is ultimately ingested by humans. Recently, a young woman in L... Read More